Family Violence Laws in Canada

Published Time: 4/12/2022 1:22:36 AM

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Family Violence Laws in Canada

According to justice.gc , Family violence is considered to be any form of abuse or mistreatment that a person experiences from a family member. it can be also from someone with whom they have an intimate relationship.

The Parliament of Canada has the authority to make laws related to criminal law. It determined the rules of criminal procedure Under the Constitution.

As you know , there is no specific offence of family violence in the Criminal Code. most acts of family violence are crimes in Canada.

Relevant criminal offences could include:

Using physical and sexual violence. such as :

·       Assault

·       Kidnapping & Demanded confinement

·       Trafficking of a person

·       Abduction of a young person

·       Murder & attempted murder

·       Asexual assault

·       Child pornography

Offences related to the administration of justice. such as :

·       disobeying the court orders

·       failure to consent with condition of undertaking

·       failure to consent with probation order

·       breaking of recognizance

Offences related to forms of psychological or emotional abuse. such as :

·       Criminal harassment (stalking)

·       Uttering threats

·       Indecent and harassing phone calls

·       trespassing at night

Neglect within the family. such as :

·       Failure to provide life’s necessaries

·       Abandoning child

·       Criminal carelessness

Financial offense within the family. such as :

·       Theft

·       Theft of credit cards

·       Extortion

·       Falsification

·       Fraud

Family violence also contains a number of special requirements. they had served to protect victims. you should also know that the criminal courts have a wide range of powers to release or detain an accused person. They can provide for release conditions such as no contact until the trial or appeal.

Even where no offense has been entrusted yet, where personal injury is feared. courts can also order peace bonds or obligation , which require an individual to agree to specific conditions to keep the peace.

Special attention is given to the harm that comes from family violence. Because of the nature of the harm.

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