Firearm Offences in Canada

Published on 7/13/2021 10:20:58 AM ، Matthew Fadi Kazandji / Category : Public Law

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Matthew Fadi Kazandji
Matthew Fadi Kazandji

While I was starting my law practice, my motive was to defend the individuals who are charged in serious matters for instance attacks, murder sexual attack, drug trafficking or any other kind of assault. As my practice initiated, I’ve defended several cases at different stages in the Ontario court. My ultimate goal is that every individual who is charged with any criminal accusation deserves to get a chance to prove himself not guilty of the crime. For that purpose, I navigate them, and they should have a lawyer who will explain in their favor. I am a member of several boards like the Ontario Bar Association, Toronto Lawyers Association, and the Criminal Lawyers Association. I often appear in different courts of the country, such as Milton, Brampton, Oshawa Toronto, etc. to defend the rights of individuals. I like to spend my idle time playing different sports such as kite surfing and snowboarding and working out to stay healthy.

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